About Us

Who is Gindica?

First and foremost, Gindica Gin comes from nature.

Everything we do is provided by the earth, from the botanicals to the spirit, we take pride in our gin being organically derived.

Our Hemp seeds, grown on a family farm in Wiltshire, are infused with 8 other handpicked botanicals, selected individually to provide the distinctly smooth taste of Gindica. Angelica, Oris Root, Cardamom, Lemon Peel and Coriander are amongst our armoury, distilled with precise measure and expertise.


Why 'Gindica'?

The name Gindica derives from the species of cannabis known as Indica. Known predominantly for its superior taste, strength and aroma we felt it fitting to use as the monika for our gin....and it sounds catchy of course!

We keep all things above board by only infusing hemp seed in our gin, although originating from the cannabis family these seeds contain no THC (tetrahydocannabinol) therefore are completely legal and food grade safe. 



If you'd like to know more about us and what we do please get in contact, we'd love to hear from you!